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We carry Air Curtains for all types of commercial and industrial applications.


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Why Use Air Curtains?

Primary Purpose

Save-T Air Doors inhibit air, dust, smoke, insects and odors from entering or leaving through openings while permitting unrestricted entry and exit.

Environmental Containment

Save-T Air Doors seal in air conditioning and seal out hot air. The opposite is true during cold or winter weather. The high air velocity protects open doorways against flying insects, dirt, dust and contaminated air, while maintaining a controlled indoor environment.

Energy Conservation

Save-T Air Doors perform year round in all climates to save energy while improving employee comfort. The average pay back period from energy savings alone is approximately one year.

Production Efficiency

Save-T Air Doors offer unobstructed traffic flow through doorways in industrial an commercial facilities. The elimination of physical doors increases the speed and efficiency of internal traffic patterns.


Save-T Air Doors permit safe entry and exit to personnel and vehicles by providing full visibility through the doorway opening.

Comfort and Convenience

Save-T Air Doors provide year round comfort for customers and employees of stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, banks, theaters, laboratories, libraries, hospitals, and office reception areas. Out Industrial Air Doors and used for both interior and exterior doorways at plants ad warehouses and provide an invisible barrier against temperature and humidity variations. In addition they provide complete protection against drafts, dust, dirt and fumes.



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