Haas Door Therma-Pro Series

Models CHT 816, 832, 850

Insulated Sectional Steel Doors

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For the Most Demanding Specifications
Haas Door's Therma-Pro™ insulated sectional steel door features a full 3" pressure-injected core of high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, with an R-Value of 25.8 - the highest in the commercial door industry. Therma-Pro™ is exceptionally strong. All Therma-Pro™ doors are reinforced with roll-formed galvanized steel struts and double-end hinges as required to meet or exceed local wind load specifications. Haas Door's Therma-Pro™ is the ideal door for applications that require both maximum energy efficiency and strength.

The Architect's Choice
The outstanding features and benefits of Haas Door's Therma-Pro™ commercial door have made it the door of choice among commercial and industrial architects. These features and benefits include:



1. Maximum Energy Efficiency
A 3" pressure-injected core of high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation is bonded to the inner surfaces of the exterior and interior face sheets or panels. To ensure maximum energy efficiency and strength, the foam is pressure-injected into each section of the door at approximately 2.5 pounds per cubic foot and is carefully cured in a temperature-controlled environment
2. All-Steel Construction
Face sheets are heavy-duty, roll-formed, galvanized steel. Model CHT-816 features a 26-gauge, wood-grain texture with horizontal V-grooves every 3" on both the exterior and interior face sheets. Model CHT-832 has a 20-gauge flush-smooth surface on the exterior face sheet and a 26-gauge wood-grain texture with V-grooves on the interior.
3. Steel End Stiles
End stiles are formed from 16-gauge galvanized steel and feature vinyl end caps to create a thermal break.
4. Tongue-and Groove Section Joints
Tight sealing tongue-and-groove section joints add wind resistance and strength, prevent air and water infiltration, and provide a full 1-3/4" thermal break to prevent temperature transmission.
5. Bottom Weatherseal
Full-length vinyl astragal retainer and flexible U-shaped bottom weatherseal provide a tight at the floor to resist rain and snow and absorb the shock of repeated closing.
6. Smooth Operation
Full-floating ten ball bearing rollers in case-hardened steel races, mounted to fit the slope of the track, assure smooth, easy, and reliable operations.
7. Intermediate Reinforcing
Full-length 16-gauge steel back-up plates. inserted prior to foaming, ensure solid attachment of all hardware; also, pre-drilling assures proper positioning.
8. Heavy-Duty Hinges
14-gauge, hot-dipped galvanized steel hinges provide added strength, durability, and reliable performance.


Quality Features...Quality Materials...Quality Workmanship  
1. Joint Detail
Tongue-and- groove construction With full-length vinyl top and bottom caps eliminate metal-to-metal Contact and provide energy efficient thermal breaks that limit transfer of heat and cold - a major advantage where conditioned air or controlled temperatures are important.
2. Bottom Seal
A full-length, one-piece vinyl U-shaped weather strip seals to irregular or unlevel floors, prevents infiltration of air, rain, or snow, and reduces impact shock when the door is closed against concrete flooring.
3. Header Seal
Flexible flap seals the top of the door against the header to seal out air filtration. Seal extends a full 2" past the front of the door for maximum efficiency.
4. Protective Finish
Interior and exterior steel is rust-proofed with hot-dipped galvanizing and pre-painted inside and out with an epoxy primer and an enamel top coat of white, brown, almond, sandstone, hunter green, grey, and bronze. (The interior side is available in white only.)
5. Glazing Options
Attractive and practical, the 25" X 12" insulated 1/2" tempered glass window inserts provide superior double-glazed insulation. Seal-tight frames and a new anti-condensation system ensure effective sealing and a bright, clear view. Windows are attached from the inside for easy installation and maximum security.

3" Commercial Insulated Sectional Doors
(Models CHT-816 and CHT-832)

Part 1 - General

1.01 - Section Includes

  1. Type: Sectional doors are to be Models CHT-816 and CHT-832 as manufactured by Haas Door.

  2. Operation: To be manual push-up, chain hoist, or electric operation.

  3. Mounting: To be interior face-mounted on a prepared surface.

.02 Related Work

  1. Opening preparation, miscellaneous or structural steel, access panels, and finish or field painting are in the scope of the work of other sections or trades.

Part 2 - Product

2.01 - Materials and Construction

A.  Sections: Shall be 3" (76.2mm) thick roll-formed commercial quality hot-dipped galvanized steel, both inside and out, and insulated with high-density polyurethane foam. Sections shall be finished as follows: Model 816 shall be have a 26-gauge, wood-grain texture with small horizontal V-grooves every 3" (76.2mm) on both exterior and interior sides. Model 832 shall have a 20-gauge flush-smooth surface on the exterior side and a 26-gauge, wood-grain embossed texture with V-grooves every 3" (76.2mm) on the interior side.

B.  Insulation: Sections shall be fully insulated with high-density polyurethane foam, pressure-injected into each section at approximately 2.4 to 2.5 pounds per cubic foot in a temperature-controlled environment to provide for adequate curing and maximum strength.

C.  End Stiles: Shall be 16-gauge steel with vinyl end caps to provide a thermal break.

D.  Intermediate Reinforcing: Shall be 16-gauge steel back-up plates, inserted prior to foaming, to provide reinforcing for attachment of various hardware, and pre-drilled for proper positioning.

E.  Bottom Section: Shall have a full-length vinyl astragal retainer. Weatherstrip to be U-shaped flexible extruded vinyl.

F.  Thermal Break: Shall be an integral rigid top and bottom cap installed at each section to provide a tight 1-3/4" thermal break.

G.  Header Seal: shall be a vinyl top header seal, factory installed on the top section.

H.  Finish Coat: Interior and exterior steel is rust-proofed with hot-dipped galvanizing and pre-painted inside and out with an epoxy primer and an enamel top coat of white, brown, almond, sandstone, hunter green, grey, and bronze on the exterior and white only on the interior.

2.02 - Spring Counterbalance

  1. Counterbalance: Shall be factory-calibrated to match site specifications.

  2. Springs: Shall be helical torsion-type made from oil-tempered wire.

  3. Spring Options: Up to 100,000 cycles.

  4. Assembly: Shall be contained on a continuous steel shaft, retained in ball bearing brackets, with high-strength galvanized aircraft cable with a minimum 7 to 1 safety factor.

2.03 - Tracks

  1. Vertical Tracks: Shall be a minimum of 16-gauge galvanized steel tapered and mounted for wedge-type mounting (2" or 3" depending on door size).

  2. Horizontal Tracks: Shall be a minimum of 16-gauge galvanized steel reinforced with a minimum of 13-gauge galvanized angles, as required (2" or 3" depending on door size).

2.04 - Hardware

  1. Hinges: Shall be manufactured of hot-dipped galvanized steel, 14-gauge minimum.

  2. Rollers: Shall be full-floating ball bearing in case-hardened steel races, mounted to fit the slope of the track (2" or 3" to suit the track).

2.05 - Locking

  1. Slide Bar Lock: Shall be an inside spring-loaded lock on the end stile and shall engage a slot in the track.

Part 3 - Execution
3.01 - Installation

Installation: Shall be by a Haas Door authorized representative and shall comply with all relevant Haas Door standards and instructions. Five-Year Limited Warranty.

Part 4 - Warranty

4.01 - Five-Year Limited Warranty

  1. Haas Door warrants each Therma-Pro™ door and all component parts to be free from material and workmanship defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

  2. Haas Door warrants each Therma-Pro™o door to be free from delamination of the polyurethane core and its exterior steel skins for five (5) years from the date of installation.


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