Durashield Air Curtain Comercial

For climate control up to 10' high
Direct Drive (1ph) - Cabinet (20”H x 17 ½”W)


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Durashield (DS) Air Barriers are designed for doors that are 8’ to 10’ in height. Durashield models are constructed from a welded powder coated frame and are insulated with sound absorbing fibreglass insulation with an acrylic anti-microbial coating, powder coated telescopic installation sliders and include powder coated wall brackets as well as an articulating discharge nozzle. All models also include an Automatic Activation Package so the Air Barrier operates in conjunction with the doors operation. Variable speed controls are available on models with 208 voltages. Durashield models include a Control Panel and have a consistent fan placement every 2’ across the entire width of the Air Barrier. The Durashield Air Barrier is ideal for Shipping/Receiving, Manufacturing or Refrigerated applications. They can be installed horizontally or vertically. Would we be glad to supply you with an Energy Loss Calculation (using an ASHRAE formula) to show you what you are losing in energy as well as what we can save you in energy based on the amount of time the door is opened. Contact us for additional information regarding this model.


  DS-72 DS-96
DS-144 DS-168 DS-192
Air Velocity
4500/23 4500/23 4500/23 4500/23 4500/23 4500/23
Air Volume
8475/4000 11,300/5333 14,125/6666 16,950/8000 19,775/9333 22,600/10,666
Motor(s)(hp) 3@½ 4@½ 5@½ 6@½ 7@½ 8@½
Weight lbs/kg 300/136 400/181 500/227 600/272 700/318 800/363


How Durashield Works


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