Microshield Air Curtain Retail

For retail doorway up to 8' high
Direct Drive Motors (110V) - Cabinet (9 3/8"H x 8 3/4"W)


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Microshield (MCS) Air Barriers are ideal for most foot traffic doorways up to 8`high. They are aesthetic, efficient and extremely quite during operation. They are equipped with a high and low speed setting and can also be manufactured with an optional keyed switch and automatic activation package so they would only operate in conjunction with the door operation. Microshield Air Barriers are ideal for areas with low head room above the doorway. Microshields are 110V, include a 6`long plug and come with mounting brackets to allow for easy installation. This light weight efficient Air Barrier is available in 3 colours; Off White, Brushed Aluminum & Black. Applications include retail doorways, employee entrances and exits, patio doors, foot traffic receiving doors, food preparation and refrigerated areas. Ask about energy incentives for your area.


  MCS-36 MCS-48 MCS-72
Air Velocity (fpm) High/Low 3150/2500 3150/2500 3150/2500
Air Volume (cfm )High/Low 647/530 883/706 1340/1060
Motor(s) (hp) 2@1/5 2@1/5 3@1/5
Weight lbs/kg 35.2/16 39.7/18 57.2/26


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