5 Benefits and Applications of Rolling Steel Fire Doors and Fire Shutters
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The Ontario Building Code (OBC) and Ontario Fire Code (OFC) regulate building design and the use of construction materials. These regulations require rolling fire doors and fire shutters to be installed on building exits, renovation projects, new construction, corridors and hallway doors, garbage rooms, and to separate any two areas that contain combustible materials or activities. In order to protect lives and property, fire doors and fire shutters must be certified and properly labeled after installation.

Rolling fire doors and fire shutters protect where regular service doors fall short. They are designed to resist fire and smoke so that employees and customers can get to safety and mitigate property damage until the fire department arrives. Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd has spent more than 30 years servicing the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with installation, repair work, and preventative maintenance of many types of commercial overhead doors, including rolling steel fire doors. Whether you are looking for fire shutters, highspeed doors, commercial coiling roll up doors, security shutters or commercial garage doors, we are equipped and eager to serve the needs of your commercial building.

Choose Rolling Steel Fire Doors and Fire Shutters for Your Commercial or Industrial Building

OBC and OFC regulations may be the primary reason you install or replace your interior doors with fire-resistant ones, particularly along firewalls. City inspectors will also check for this as part of their inspection during new construction projects or renovations. However, there are greater benefits of following these guidelines, beyond compliance.

  • Fire-resistant doors reinforce the barrier of a firewall. You may see a rolling fire door used on the exterior walls of a building. Where these coiling doors are most effective is when they are used in conjunction with interior firewalls, fire barriers, and smoke barrier walls. Since it is designed to match the rating of the wall in which it is installed, it makes fire containment more complete. This also allows activated systems to suppress the fire until firefighters arrive on the scene.
  • They are designed to self-close. You may not be aware of any issue until it is life-threatening. Fire-resistant roll up doors will close immediately upon activation from thermal or electrical devices. The need for human interference is reduced or eliminated. For example, in the event a smoke detector goes off on one side of your warehouse, the doors would automatically close, containing the fire or smoke.
  • They are made of stronger material than regular service doors. The best commercial and industrial fire doors are made from steel to resist temperature transmission. They come with a fire rating to ensure that they prevent heat, flames, gases and burning objects from coming through. Not only are they required to maintain their ability to support loads, they must also stand strong in the face of heavy impact and erosion caused by debris.
  • They must pass rigorous follow-up inspections. When lives may depend on a piece of equipment functioning as it should, then regular inspections and maintenance is a must. Your rolling fire doors must pass follow-up inspections, including visual, operational, and drop testing on an annual basis.
  • Replacement parts come from the original manufacturer. If, at any time, a part of the coiling door is missing or damaged, it must be replaced by manufacturer replacement parts. That is, you cannot pick up some parts at your local hardware. The goal is for your door to be maintained in the condition as it was originally tested.

Protect Your Business with Fire Doors Built to Last

Make a better choice. Choose coiling fire doors and roll up fire shutters and protect your property and your employees. The professionals at Candoor Overhead Doors efficiently install doors in compliance with ULC, manufacturer’s specifications, and required by-laws. We continue to support your new equipment with preventative maintenance and quality repair work. Count on us to make sure everything is operating correctly before we leave.

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