5 Benefits of Installing Roller Security Shutters for your Home or Business
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Roller Security Shutters were first introduced into the North American market as a security system. But over the last decade they have evolved into so much more then that!!

Fast forwarding to 2022, we have seen our roll up security shutter evolve from simply security doors to an architectural statement piece. Currently, we use our security shutters for storefront roll down doors, cabana roll up doors, rolling shutter door(s), commercial and residential window/ door security shutters, counter top shutters, roll up shutter or garage doors and more. Whatever the application may be, here are some of the primary benefits of installing commercial roller shutters and residential security shutters.

#1- Security and safety – Simply, security shutter stop break-ins. They are installed over windows and door openings to stop intruders from having the ability to break glass or doors to gain entrance. Unlike other security systems that just notify you of a break in, i.e cameras, alarms etc., roll down security shutters are a first line of defense by stopping break-ins from actually happening; protecting your family and business assets.

#2- Noise Reduction- Whether you have noisy neighbors at home or at your place of business. A rolling shutter door provides noise canceling features to help reduce the amount of noise entering from the exterior environment. The polyurethane foam in between the aluminum slats create a sound buffer for noise canceling features.

#3 Sun Protection- Roller shutters originated in Europe, if you have ever traveled to places like Germany we are certain you would have seen roll down shutters on windows and doors. The reason for this is because roll down security shutters provide sun protection; with their solid aluminum slat design, installed over windows and doors they can block out the UV rays to create a comfortable livable/ work space

 #4 Energy Savings- Through their solid slat design and polyurethane foam, roller shutters have an added bonus of energy saving properties! By installing roll up shutters you create a barrier between the interior and exterior environment;   keeping the heat in during wintertime or and cool air in during the summer.

 #5 Privacy- Additional, to their other features security shutters also provide a high level of privacy. Whether you install them on your residential windows or doors, business storefront, or any exterior opening in your commercial property,   security shutters reduce viability by 100% when in the closed position. They create peace of mind knowing no cars or passersby can see within your home or business when not permitted.

All our roller security shutters are made of aluminum with multiple colour options, slat profiles and accessories to choose from. We also have options for manual motorized security shutter to accommodate all  applications. And sizes are totally customizable to suit your specific project!

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for more information about our residential security shutters or commercial roller shutters, pool  cabana roll up doors, laneway roll up doors, storefront security shutters, roll up garage doors and more! We guarantee we will have the right door you!