Are Roll Up Garage Doors Secure?
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Are Roll Up Garage Doors Secure?- The simple answer is Yes! Roll Up Garage Doors are one of the highest security garage doors you can get for your home.

The products used for roll up garage doors are sometimes referred to as aluminum roller shutters, roll up shutters, roller shutter doors, European window shutters, cabana shutters and they have a few other names as well. But whichever name is used they are all referring to the same product; a customizable, compact, modern roll up door that is built from aluminum materials.

Aluminum roll up garage doors were first brought into the North American market from Europe. It is very popular to see them used in Europe as roll down window shutters for security, light control and energy efficiency as well as over storefronts as roll down security shutters for after hours security.

Our aluminum rolling doors started their journey in Canada as storefront security shutters but over the last decade they have evolved to be used for various security applications like over windows and patio doors, cabana shutters for pool cabanas and pool houses, countertop roll up doors for pass thru windows and one of the most popular roll up garage doors.

They have gained popularity as replacements for steel garage doors due to their space saving properties, customizable sizes, modern garage door look and security. Since they were brought to the market as a security product our roll up garage doors will offer you, not only a captivating new garage door, but the one of the highest security garage doors on the market to keep your home safe.

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