Benefits of High-Speed Doors
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How you can Benefit from High-Speed Door Systems

When planning your next facility project efficiency, profitability and safety should be some of the prioritized components your design is constructed around. Sadly, door performance and quality is usually overlooked and compromised due to cost.

It is important to remember that overhead doors are usually one of the largest pieces of equipment in any space and should be given the same attention as the other primary equipment in your facility. All products we supply at Candoor overhead doors are
built with quality and efficiency at the forefront of their design.

High-speed doors can be commonly referred too as rapid rolls doors, fast-acting doors, vinyl/fabric high-speed doors as well as rubber high-speed doors. Not to create confusion but all of these terms are characterized under the same umbrella; of high-speed

Key Advantages of High-Speed doors:

Little to no maintenance required!

Our high speeds doors are built with efficiency and simplistic design; to reduce the amount of wear and tear and follow up maintenance. Due to fewer moving parts then your traditional door system high-speed doors require little to no maintenance and are
designed to withstand high traffic areas without breakdowns.

Save on Energy

The increased speed that a high-speed door operates at reduces the amount of airflow exchange between interior and exterior environments; this results in lower heating and air conditioning costs and delivering a more sustainable and energy-efficient overhead
door option for your facility while keeping operating cost down.


High-speed fabric and vinyl doors are made with a robust but flexible material that allows them to compensate when they come in contact with an object. This allows for minimal, if any, damage to  the door system as well as reduced chances of injury
to the individual or product.

For added safety measures all our high-speed doors include photo eye safety sensors or built-in guide light curtains that prevents the door from closing when an object or person is detected. We also have the capability to add additional motion sensors,
bottom safety reversing edges, as well as light and beacon systems for extra safety.


High-speed doors are designed with highly durable materials to withstand numerous daily cycles; without the door system taking any significant wear and tear. Our heavy-duty industrial high-speed doors come complete with heavy-duty direct-drive motors
that are suitable for up to 1,000,000 cycles in standard environments.


All our high speed doors are totally customisable to suit a wide array of applications and industries. The high speed doors we offer at Candoor Overhead Doors are specialized to suit car washes with NEMA 4 controls and fittings, heavy duty doors for high
traffic opening, vinyl curtain doors for wash down applications in food and beverage processing facilities and much more.

Increased productivity and profitability

Our high speed doors allow companies and individuals to increase their profitability and productivity. Due to the long lasting and high cycle design, shorter downtimes, increased safety and low maintenance cost of high speed doors, facilities no
longer have to worry about overhead door and equipment issues and they can focus on operations to increase their production and the bottom line of their company.

Key Industries for High speed doors:

  • Underground parking and condominium buildings
  • Shipping and receiving dock doors
  • Logistics facilities
  • Food and beverage processing and manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing and car dealerships
  • Climate controlled environments
  • Pharmaceutical facilities

High Speed overhead doors optimise traffic flow, productivity, and energy efficiency by reducing the amount of time an overhead door stays open. Ideal for underground and condominium parking areas, high traffic openings in climate controlled spaces, food
grade facilities, car dealerships, and car wash’s Candoor Overhead Door’s Ltd has the right high speed door for you!

For more information about high speed overhead doors, call us at 1 (866)-341-3253 or contact us online. We are proud to offer all our customer free on site inspections and consulting for all our overhead garage door products and industrial equipment. Candoor Overhead Doors services the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and its surrounding regions with 24/7 emergency service for all our customers.