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Service for High-Speed Doors for Parking Garages

Underground Parking Garage Doors Need Reliable Maintenance and Service

When you have hundreds of cars entering and exiting your parking facility, high-speed doors are a must. These essential pieces of equipment are engineered for high-cycle environments and need to withstand potential vehicle impacts. They are the gateway to your garage and often, are also designed to prohibit unauthorized access. Additionally, they have speed cycles that deter tailgating of cars into your facility. Their job is immeasurably important. When they break down, you lose time, money, and, potentially, the trust of your customers.

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Increase Throughput by Installing High-Speed Doors

If your operation occurs in a fast-paced environment, time is of the essence. Perhaps you need doors to open and close fast for security purposes. Or your facility needs to minimize air infiltration to prevent contamination and damage to the goods inside. If you own or manage parking garages, you cater to sometimes impatient customers needing to get to appointments. They do not want to sit and wait before entering or exiting your location. Or you operate a warehousing facility that needs interior highspeed doors to open and close with forklift traffic. Whatever the reasons may be, why wait for a slow-moving door that hinders productivity, quality and security?

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Create Peace of Mind During Uncertain Times with Our Roll Up Security Doors

It’s always been, and still is, Candoor’s goal to provide each customer with industry leading solutions at competitive prices. Our mission is to keep your doors running so you stay opened for business; but with uncertain times we want to help in whatever way we can; and that is why Candoor supplies and installs store front security roll up doors in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Benefits of High-Speed Doors

When planning your next facility project efficiency, profitability and safety should be some of the prioritized components your design is constructed around. Sadly, door performance and quality is usually overlooked and compromised due to cost.

It is important to remember that overhead doors  are usually one of the largest pieces of equipment in any space and should be given the same attention as the other primary equipment in your facility. All products we supply at Candoor overhead doors are built with quality and efficiency at the forefront of their design.

High speed doors can be commonly referred too as rapid rolls doors, fast acting doors, vinyl/fabric high speed doors as well as rubber high speed doors. Not to create confusion but all of these terms are characterized under the same umbrella; of high speed doors .

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