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Quality Service and Repair for High Rise and Parking Garage Doors

In the hustle and bustle of the city, a non-working garage door can wreak havoc on traffic. Your residents and clients expect to quickly and easily gain access to their high rise office buildings, their condominium residence and downtown parking garages. Inevitably, when something breaks, it does at the most inconvenient times. Waiting to get in or out causes much frustration and leaves you scrambling for a fast fix to keep everyone happy. It is easy to pick the first name you see on the Internet to come and service your facility. However, that can lead to more trouble down the road.

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Beat Old Man Winter with Winterization Service from Candoor Overhead Doors

The GTA (greater Toronto area) is heading into the coldest season of the year as Old Man Winter wakes from his slumber. Soon, frigid winds, ice, and snow will overcome the region. Working out in the elements is tough. It is much harder when equipment breaks down during the coldest day or night of the season. No one enjoys feeling the rush of freezing air that whips through when an overhead door opens. It is worse when that door fails to operate correctly or has faulty dock seals that allow the elements inside.

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Choosing the Right Overhead Garage Door Dealer

When you need an overhead door installed or repaired, you want the right company for the job. While you may not mind helping out a fledgling sub-contractor or a friend, you know you run the risk of that person not having the experience of someone who works on the same equipment everyday; which can result in injury, lost time or unsafe operation. How do you go about finding the right service company that will not only put in your doors but also be around for years to come when you need them?

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Keep Condominium and Apartment Building Residents Safe

Install High Quality Underground Parking Overhead Doors and Ensure Regular Overhead Door Maintenance and Service

It is a facility managers job to ensure that the building is maintained so that residents and visitors are safe and building operations run like a well oiled machine. This can mean a facilities manager may be required to get up at 4:00 AM on a windy winter's morning to shovel snow so families can get on with their busy day, have a midnight call to repair a broken air conditioner or a plugged kitchen sink. Your to-do list is never-ending. Not only is the maintenance of the grounds imperative, but you also want those living onsite to feel safe. One option is to install high quality overhead garage doors for underground parking areas.

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Sign Up for Preventative Maintenance for Overhead Doors

Day in and day out you depend on your overhead doors to function smoothly. You don’t have time for sudden breaks or a door that refuses to work properly. The best way to avoid costly repairs and lost productivity is to ensure that your equipment is maintained well.

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Service for High-Speed Doors for Parking Garages

Underground Parking Garage Doors Need Reliable Maintenance and Service

When you have hundreds of cars entering and exiting your parking facility, high-speed doors are a must. These essential pieces of equipment are engineered for high-cycle environments and need to withstand potential vehicle impacts. They are the gateway to your garage and often, are also designed to prohibit unauthorized access. Additionally, they have speed cycles that deter tailgating of cars into your facility. Their job is immeasurably important. When they break down, you lose time, money, and, potentially, the trust of your customers.

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Create Peace of Mind During Uncertain Times with Our Roll Up Security Doors

It’s always been, and still is, Candoor’s goal to provide each customer with industry leading solutions at competitive prices. Our mission is to keep your doors running so you stay opened for business; but with uncertain times we want to help in whatever way we can; and that is why Candoor supplies and installs store front security roll up doors in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Why You Should Get an Annual Drop Test for Your Fire Doors

As the old adage goes, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. This is especially true for equipment that can cause severe injury or death if it fails to operate correctly. An airline pilot has a series of steps he or she must perform before they take off with a plane full of people. If a fire door fails to drop when activated by heat or fire alarm activation, many people risk injury or death from smoke inhalation or the flames.

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