Does Your Business Need A Commercial Garage Door? Here Are Somethings To Consider
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Commercial garage doors are one of the most important investments for your business. The one you choose isn’t only going to affect the operation of your business but the condition of the door will reflect the aesthetics of your property and business appearance. You need something that is priced right, can endure the daily wear-and- tear and have something that is practical and crafted to your specific needs.

Therefore, before selecting a new commercial garage door contact our sales team at Candoor. We will make a professional recommendation on the overhead garage door we recommend for you! In the meantime, here are somethings to consider when purchasing a new commercial garage door: 

What type of door do you need?

There are two main types of commercial garage doors; sectional overhead garage doors and rolling steel overhead doors. Each has their pros and cons and are suited for different applications.

Roll up steel doors are made from galvanized metal or aluminum; they are extremely durable and robust and great for a heavy duty commercial roll up doors option. They also are great as space saving measures since they do not have the horizontal track like sectional garage doors. They come in insulated and non insulated options, as well as motorized or manual. When compared to sectional garage doors the insulation value of rolling steel doors is very low (r value of 5-7).

Sectional overhead garage doors are what you typically see on commercial properties, loading dock doors, automotive dealerships etc. They are ideal for businesses that don’t need the robustness of a rolling steel door and require a door that will face daily high cycles. If insulation is very important a sectional door is the right choice since their r-value starts at around 10 and can go as high as 26! Non-insulated options are available as well with options for manual or motorized operation.

Is a Commercial garage door opener needed?

Another important factor, that will influence cost and operation, is if you need a commercial garage door opener to accommodate your new garage door. It is important to make sure the new commercial garage door opener is suited to lift the weight of the new garage door; when choosing Candoor we use manufacturers specifics and product knowledge to guarantee every garage door opener we install accommodates the new commercial garage door we are installing. As a company standard, all commercial garage door openers include a 3 button control station and photo eye safety sensors; with additional accessories available upon request.

Is security important?

The garage door material and construction is very important when weighing out options for the security level of your new garage door. For ultra secure opening we have installed combinations of sectional doors and rolling steel doors and sectional doors and commercial roll up doors or security shutters to create multiple levels of security. But also consider adding locking devices, sensors, security alarm contacts to increase the level of security at your facility.

Visual Aesthetic 

A commonly overlooked factor of selecting a new commercial garage door is the actual appearance of the door. Commercial doors usually take up a large amount of surface area on the exterior of the building and it is important that each of our customers like the physical appearance of their new doors. The look of your garage door can reflect the overall branding of your business so an old, rusty, broken door needs to be replaced. At Candoor we offer a wide range of standard colours, like white, sandstone, black, brown, grey, but we also offer custom RAL powder coating from the Tiger Drylac 188 colour chart allowing us to offer our customer completely custom colours!

A little extra time spent at the beginning of the selection process can save a lot of time and potential headaches in the long run, therefore contact Candoor for our professional consultations to make sure you get the right commercial garage door for you!

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for your next commercial garage door purchase! We offer free on site consultations and quotations for all garage doors, commercial garage door openers and roll up door requests.