How Dock seals can benefit your facility this winter
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Does your shipping and receiving department receive a constant flow of traffic? If so, you facility, employees and customer can benefit from the installation of loading dock equipment by Candoor overhead doors Ltd.
With constant shipping and receiving, your facilities overhead doors and loading dock equipment is working continually to keep your business running smoothing- and Candoor overhead doors is here to ensure this continues. It is our job to make sure everything is working efficiently and safely to prevent any periods of downtime.

What is a loading dock seal?

Loading dock seals are foam pads that are installed around your loading dock door opening, framing it like a picture frame, to create a seal between your building and the trucks/ trailers that arrive at your facility. Typically they are made with industrial vinyl to ensure durability and longevity; and are available in a wide range of customizable sizes to ensure all facilities can benefit.

Custom colours and patterns can be created, ware strips can be installed for high traffic docks and surfaces with inclines and declines leading up to dock levellers are accommodate with customer dock seals.

Benefits of loading dock seal

In the Greater Toronto area, we receive harsh winter conditions and without the proper loading dock and overhead door equipment these conditions can make work environments very uncomfortable and unsafe. Therefore, the benefits and advantages dock seals will bring to your facility are:

  • Create a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees
  • Reduces the amount of heat loss; which will reflect reduced energy bills
  • Weather- related damages to product will be reduced and virtually be eliminated
  • Creates  a safe environment for customers and drivers entering through the shipping/ receiving department

For more information, call us at 866-341-3253 or contact us online to inquire about our loading dock seals that are being installation all over the GTA. All our loading dock seals are made locally in Canada!