How to Choose the Right Industrial or Commercial Overhead Garage Door
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Choose Between a Rolling Steel Overhead Door, Sectional Overhead Garage Door or High Speed Roll Up Door

Any time you need to replace equipment and tools, you want to choose the best quality for the budgeted amount. When replacing an overhead door, the right type must be installed to give you many years of use with regular maintenance. It can be overwhelming
to start researching and not be able to decide on the right option for your facilities. For example, which type is best – rolling steel coiling door or sectional overhead garage doors? How do you choose?

Whether you are looking for rolling steel door, sectional overhead doors, or high speed doors, the team at Candoor Overhead Doors, Ltd. can help. We have the expertise and experience to assist you in determining the best type of residential or commercial garage door for your specific application. Not only do we offer installation, but we also
provide preventative maintenance and repair services. No job is too big or too small for our outstanding, dedicated team.

6 Areas to Consider When Choosing Your Next Overhead Door

The good news is that by assessing your unique needs and expectations from your doors, you can make the best decision. When in doubt, reach out to us, and we will walk you through your options. In the meantime, here are six areas to look at closely when
deciding between rolling steel doors and sectional doors:

  • Performance Expectations: The primary purpose of any overhead door is to open and close efficiently. Each one can handle a specific range of cycles. High Speed Roll Up Doors are manufactured for interior or exterior high-performance
    areas, that is perfect for locations that have high traffic. Sectional overhead doors can withstand a good amount of cycles, typically 10,000, but the torsion springs can be upgraded to within stand higher usage. And Rolling steel doors are typically
    used in lower traffic areas.
  • Amount of Space Available for Mounting: Each type requires different amounts of space. For example, a rolling door is an excellent option if you have limited headroom as it coils up above the opening. Sectional garage doors have several
    different ways of mounting. There are standard lifts, high lifts, full vertical lifts, or low headroom.
  • Ease of Installation and Need for Maintenance: It goes without saying—your entry doors should be professionally installed in order to operate smoothly and safely. Each type requires regular maintenance to get the highest usage. Rolling
    steel doors requiring a little less maintenance because of the lack of exposed moving parts. Sectional overhead doors require further maintenance because they more moving parts, like exposed torsion springs, hinge point, rollers and lifting cables.
    High Speed doors require the lowest amount of maintenance due to there minimal moving parts, springless door systems and direct drive motors.
  • Variety of Sizes Offered: Each building is different and requires doors that will seal their respective openings. Sectional doors, rolling steel doors and high speed doors can be made in variety of sizes to accommodate you industrial,
    commercial, or agricultural facility. Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss what kind of door is best for you!
  • Types of Material, Gauge, and Finish: In general, you can get rolling doors in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, whereas sectional doors come in steel and aluminum, and high speed doors can be a vinyl fabric or ¼’’ rubber. Each has
    a variety of gauges, strength, colour options and cosmetic finishes to suit your needs.
  • Insulation Value Needed: Do you need some insulation in your facility? Then you may want to pick sectional overhead garage doors that have up to a 22.2 R-value. Rolling doors generally have an R-value of 8. An high speed doors have virtual
    no r-value but still create a barrier between the outside elements.

Count on Sound Advice and Excellent Service from Candoor Overhead Doors

Make the best choice for your facility when you consider how often your doors will cycle, what insulation value you require or what size is best suited for you. Candoor Overhead Doors offers the ease of installation, maintenance, and consulting to choose
the right overhead garage door; give us a call or contact us online. Once installed, we will continue to support you with service and repairs, including preventative maintenance. Enjoy outstanding customer service from the voice on the phone to the technician
at your location.

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for more information about obtaining reliable installation, maintenance, and service for rolling or sectional overhead doors for your location. We supply quality doors for warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, parking garages, and more.