How To Increase Your Home Value With Rolling Security Shutters
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Rolling security shutters offer homeowners a wide range of benefits and features but before we get into this let us outline where our roller shutters can be used on your property.

Roll up shutters can be used for…

Window Security Shutter

Window Security- Made from aluminum our roller shutter provides high quality security for your window openings. Whether you want peace of mind from breaks when you are homeor away from your property our shutters can roll down for when you are away. They also offer light control, reduce heat loss and noise canceling features.

Doors/ Patio doors- Traditional residential doors/ patio doors do not offer any form of security. By adding a roll down security shutter it will increasePatio Doors ground level security of your home by 10 fold. In conjunction with window security shutters your ground level will be secured to the maximum. 

Roll Up Garage Doors- For homeowners that have transformed their garage into livable spaces; whether it be an office, gym, playroom etc. Installing a roll up garage door increased security and reduce access to the garage area, while providing space saving features due to the elimination of traditional garage door track.

Cabana ShuttersPool House/ Cabana shutters- Roll up shutters can also be a great addition to pool houses, pool cabanas, gazebo areas and shed. By adding our roll down doors too your outdoor structure you have now created a perfect storage space for outdoor furniture and equipment through the winter months! 

As you can see our roller shutters have a very wide range of applications. They can provide additional value to your home by adding:

  • additional security on window and door openings
  • reduce garage theft
  • give you secure storage options
  • protect from bad weather damages
  • reduce noise
  • control UV/ incoming light
  • energy saving features through additional insulation; which will ultimately reduce energy bills

No matter the need, whatever type of roller shutter you choose for your home will bring additional value that you didn’t have before; whether it is for your own peace of mind for security, noise control, energy saving, weather protection or light control, rolling shutters will provide resale value to your home. We guarantee that you will have one of the most unique houses on your street!

Call us at 1 (866) 341-3253 or contact us online for more information about our residential security shutters, pool cabana roll up doors, laneway roll up doors, storefront security shutters, roll up garage doors and more! We guarantee we will have the right door for you! Our roller shutters also make great applications for cottage security windows and roll up doors for boathouses

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