Increase Throughput by Installing High-Speed Doors
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If your operation occurs in a fast-paced environment, time is of the essence. Perhaps you need doors to open and close fast for security purposes. Or your facility needs to minimize air infiltration to prevent contamination and damage to the goods inside. If you own or manage parking garages, you cater to sometimes impatient customers needing to get to appointments. They do not want to sit and wait before entering or exiting your location. Or you operate a warehousing facility that needs interior highspeed doors to open and close with forklift traffic. Whatever the reasons may be, why wait for a slow-moving door that hinders productivity, quality and security?

An effective solution is to install high-speed doors. Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd. has the expertise to quickly and efficiently remove an existing door with a new rapid roll door so that you can reap the benefits. We have a variety of product solutions to fit your company’s unique needs. We help keep your business running smoothly and uninterrupted in your demanding work environment with seamless installations, fast acting repair service and efficient overhead door preventative maintenance inspections.

6 Benefits of Installing High-Speed Overhead Doors at Your Location

No matter if you run a food processing plant, parking garage, car dealership, or logistics warehouse, the benefits of a high-speed door are worth the investment. Often called rapid roll doors, fast-acting doors, fabric doors, or rubber doors, you can expect many benefits, including:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Because the doors open and shut quickly, airflow is reduced, and environmental control is increased. Additionally, energy to heat and cool your facility is reduced, which translates into lower consumption of energy.
  • Increased Productivity: Your fast-paced facility requires doors that move quickly. The sooner you can get the door open, the faster your operation.
  • Increased Security: Use these doors to secure specific areas or an entire building quickly. We offer products with a variety of activations and safety level options.
  • Decreased Downtime: High-speed doors are designed to handle the continuous cycles your building doors require. The wear and tear is minimal, as is the maintenance. Many have “breakaway” bottom bars, so if the door is accidentally hit, repairs are quick.
  • Versatile Sizes and Materials to Fit Your Specific Needs: Choose from rubber, fabric, or aluminum, and in many sizes based on your requirements.
  • Save Money: By saving energy, increasing productivity, and reducing downtime, you can expect to save money over the lifetime of the door.

Hire Candoor for Your High-Speed Commercial Door Install or Service

Keep your operations running smoothly when you hire the overhead door experts at Candoor. Our experienced team will arrive at your site, assess your needs, and install the right door in an efficient, timely manner. We offer overhead door solutions designed for high cycle, high speed, high traffic, high demand and are high quality. You can trust us to implement the best custom solution for your organization’s requirements and provide ongoing support through preventative maintenance services.

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