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New Air curtains with Air Purificaiton Properties – Kills 99% of Coronavirus Pathogeons

At Candoor Overhead Doors, we understand that the world is changing and so are our work environments; in our efforts to adapt with our customers we are pleased to introduce a new line of air purifying air curtains. Manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical production, grocery stores and all essential services are relied on to supply our communities. In efforts to support these industries and business Candoor is happy to introduce our new UV-C Air Purification Air Curtain.

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Save Energy and Money with Enbridge Energy Rebates

As a business owner, you want to find new ways to save money so you can reinvest it into your business. Needless to say, 2020 has been a challenging year in more ways than one could imagine. As you plan for a robust and resilient financial future for your business, one area to investigate is heating and cooling, i.e. energy costs. While it’s common to think about air leaks from pedestrian doors, windows, roofing insulation, and so on, not many will think about the air transfer within your overhead loading door area. For example, if you have a warehouse that sees quite a bit of traffic from semi-trucks, you know that you lose heat every time a door rises. Unsealed doors allow constant airflow that increases your energy use and your utility bills. There is no reason to lose energy when you can install overhead door equipment to save money and maybe make some money back through Candoor Overhead Doors partnership with Enbridge.

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Quality Service and Repair for High Rise and Parking Garage Doors

In the hustle and bustle of the city, a non-working garage door can wreak havoc on traffic. Your residents and clients expect to quickly and easily gain access to their high rise office buildings, their condominium residence and downtown parking garages. Inevitably, when something breaks, it does at the most inconvenient times. Waiting to get in or out causes much frustration and leaves you scrambling for a fast fix to keep everyone happy. It is easy to pick the first name you see on the Internet to come and service your facility. However, that can lead to more trouble down the road.

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Beat Old Man Winter with Winterization Service from Candoor Overhead Doors

The GTA (greater Toronto area) is heading into the coldest season of the year as Old Man Winter wakes from his slumber. Soon, frigid winds, ice, and snow will overcome the region. Working out in the elements is tough. It is much harder when equipment breaks down during the coldest day or night of the season. No one enjoys feeling the rush of freezing air that whips through when an overhead door opens. It is worse when that door fails to operate correctly or has faulty dock seals that allow the elements inside.

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Choosing the Right Overhead Garage Door Dealer

When you need an overhead door installed or repaired, you want the right company for the job. While you may not mind helping out a fledgling sub-contractor or a friend, you know you run the risk of that person not having the experience of someone who works on the same equipment everyday; which can result in injury, lost time or unsafe operation. How do you go about finding the right service company that will not only put in your doors but also be around for years to come when you need them?

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How to Choose the Right Industrial or Commercial Overhead Garage Door

Any time you need to replace equipment and tools, you want to choose the best quality for the budgeted amount. When replacing an overhead door, the right type must be installed to give you many years of use with regular maintenance. It can be overwhelming to start researching and not be able to decide on the right option for your facilities. For example, which type is best – rolling steel coiling door or sectional overhead garage doors? How do you choose?

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How to Reduce Your Expenses by Installing High-Speed Roll Up Doors

Reduce your overhead door spending when you choose quality high-speed doors and installation from the experts at Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd. With faster opening and closing times, your businesses processes benefit hugely from high-speed doors as there is less waiting involved. If your premises require temperature control or overhead doors for high traffic opening, you’ll have less leaks with these fast operating overhead garage doors. You can isolate clean areas from contaminated ones, save energy and maintain smooth flow of traffic. We work with you to assess your facility’s needs and provide you with the best products for your unique requirements. Not only can we help you save money, but you will save yourself many headaches of frequent downtime.

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Keep Condominium and Apartment Building Residents Safe

Install High Quality Underground Parking Overhead Doors and Ensure Regular Overhead Door Maintenance and Service

It is a facility managers job to ensure that the building is maintained so that residents and visitors are safe and building operations run like a well oiled machine. This can mean a facilities manager may be required to get up at 4:00 AM on a windy winter's morning to shovel snow so families can get on with their busy day, have a midnight call to repair a broken air conditioner or a plugged kitchen sink. Your to-do list is never-ending. Not only is the maintenance of the grounds imperative, but you also want those living onsite to feel safe. One option is to install high quality overhead garage doors for underground parking areas.

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Sign Up for Preventative Maintenance for Overhead Doors

Day in and day out you depend on your overhead doors to function smoothly. You don’t have time for sudden breaks or a door that refuses to work properly. The best way to avoid costly repairs and lost productivity is to ensure that your equipment is maintained well.

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Roll Up Security Doors

Stories break out almost daily about a data breach and the risky exposure of individuals’ private information being stolen. While it is obvious that online security is a big focus area, it is important not to let your guard down about physical security. In fact, this should rank high on your priority list, to keep out intruders and protect people and property occupying your commercial space or home.

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