Is an Insulated Commercial Garage Door Worth It?
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At Candoor Overhead Doors we are always asked if it is worth purchasing an insulated commercial garage door. And our answer is yes!

Insulated commercial overhead doors do require a slightly higher investment upfront but we believe that this initial investment creates many long-term benefits.

Here are some reasons why we believe insulated commercial garage doors are worth it!

  • Energy savings– By having insulated commercial garage doors you will increase the energy savings in your facility. With exterior and interior steel garage door panel construction and foam injected insulation between these steel sections; it creates an insulated wall between the interior and exterior environments. This will allow your HVAC system to work less and reduce energy costs.
  • Employee comfortability– Coinciding with energy savings having an insulated garage door will create a better working environment and more comfortable workspace for employees by keeping areas warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Increased Durability – Compared to a non-insulated commercial garage door an insulated garage door has a stronger panel construction; with interior and exterior steel  the garage door panels are stronger and more durable. It is common for overhead doors to be hit or damaged in commercial spaces but by having an insulated overhead garage door damages may not result in downtime.
  • Quieter Operation – Insulated commercial garage doors operate much quieter than older or non-insulated garage doors. They rattle and shake less due to their robust construction. This is typically something that isn’t thought about but for commercial overhead doors that open and close often the ongoing noise can become bothersome.

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