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Install High Quality Underground Parking Overhead Doors and Ensure Regular Overhead Door Maintenance and Service

It is a facility managers job to ensure that the building is maintained so that residents and visitors are safe and building operations run like a well oiled machine. This can mean a facilities manager may be required to get up at 4:00 AM on a windy winter’s morning to shovel snow so families can get on with their busy day, have a midnight call to repair a broken air conditioner or a plugged kitchen sink. Your to-do list is never-ending. Not only is the maintenance of the grounds imperative, but you also want those living onsite to feel safe. One option is to install high quality overhead garage doors for underground parking areas.
By working with Candoor Overhead Doors we will ensure your facility’s overhead doors are correctly installed, maintained and repaired. Whether your apartment or condo complex required or is outfitted with high-speed rubber doors, sectional overhead garage doors or a rolling steel service door, the team at Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd. stands ready to assist you. We use a wide range of high-quality products that fit your facility’s needs and offer expert garage door repairs and preventative maintenance services

Options for Overhead Garage Doors Used in Condominium and Apartment Buildings

No two properties are the same; therefore the process too choosing the right garage doors for their underground parking wont be alike. There are a wide range of options available depending on the needs of the facilities building operations, security protocols and process. Remember, you need to answer the three H’s, which are high speed, high cycle, and headroom. You also may want the benefits of an insulated door to keep ambient temperatures constant. Here are some common types of doors to consider:

  • TNR High Speed Rubber door: Are the newest and most revolutionary underground parking door applications in the industry. Made with 1/4″ rubber and breakaway bottom bars these doors are fully compatible for reduce damage and an easily reset able application. Not only this but high-speed rubbers doors are equipped with direct drive high-speed motors for quick opening and closing; and a springless application rated for 1,000,000 cycles  for longevity and reliability. Lastly, high-speed rubber doors require minimal maintenance due to the very low amount of moving parts
  • Sectional Overhead door: These doors are more your “typical” style garage door that many people are familiar with. With the right amount of headroom sectional overhead garage doors can provide high end aesthetics, industry leading insulation and easily serviceable overhead door applications. They are very customizable to colour finishes, r-value ratings, large headroom and low headroom applications and can be upgraded for high cycle applications.
  • Rolling Steel door: If extra security and industrial overhead door grade quality is at the top of the priority list a roll up coiling steel door may be the answer. Not only are they strong and robust but they also require lower maintenance due to less moving parts!

Use Candoor Overhead Doors for your New construction Installation for Condominium complex building, Underground parking door maintenance and Repair Services

Keep residents and their guests safe when you install high quality underground overhead parking doors that fit the needs of your building. Reliability doesn’t stop with putting in new equipment; just like any traditional piece of equipment, parking garage doors must be maintained and serviced, so you avoid downtime and disgruntled residents.

Contact Candoor Overhead Doors for assistance with repair or maintenance inquires as well as installation and new construction projects.

Our preventative maintenance program is the perfect choice to ensure everything runs smoothly. We conduct a multi-point inspection, applicable adjustments, and lubrication of equipment. Additionally, we give you advance warnings of potential issues so that you can get them fixed fast and with little disruption to everyone’s daily life. We can even make onsite repairs as needed.

There is no need to worry and wonder how to keep your building’s parking area safe. Contact us at Candoor and let us provide the quality workmanship that you deserve. We offer many services, including installation, repair, and maintenance of overhead doors.

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for more information about obtaining reliable installation, maintenance, and repair service for overhead doors for your condo or apartment building.