CHI 3240/3250 Non Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

CHI 3240/3250 Non Insulated Sectional Overhead Door, Ribbed Steel Doors, Mississauga, Toronto GTA

Ribbed Steel Doors

C.H.I. 3250/3240

Wind can be unpredictable and destructive. This is why C.H.I. Windbreaker Series doors are designed, tested, and built to the most rugged specifications.

Wind chamber tested to ensure wind-load resistance, these extra-sturdy designs provide enhanced defence against the elements.

Roll-formed steel are 2" thick, hot-dipped galvanized with a baked-on polyester finish

  • Sections are available in:
    3250 (25-gauge) white
    3240 white, brown, gray and sandstone
    3220 (20-gauge) white
  • Stiles are box-shaped and galvanized
  • Section joints are tongue-and-groove
  • Bottom "U" type astragal is a standard feature
  • Stiles are face-riveted vs. glued


  • Tracks are 2" or 3", as specified
  • Available in bracket mount, clip angle mount, angle mount, 12" radius, 15" radius, high lift, vertical lift, roof pitch, or dual-track low headroom


  • Package includes 11-gauge or 14-gauge hinges as specified
  • 2" or 3" long-stem or short-stem roller with 10 ball bearings
  • Heavy-duty adjustable top roller brackets


  • Torsion springs are helically wound with stress relived, oil-tempered wire
  • Springs are individually calibrated for each door
  • Counter-balance torsion shafts are galvanized for rust resistance
  • High cycle spring options may be specified

Insulation Type

  • CFC free polystyrene with high impact vinyl back cover
  • CFC free polystyrene with 27-gauge steel back cover
  • Stiles include special clips to hold insulation retainer in position
  • Insulated doors have an R-value of 8.0


CHI 3240/3250 Ribbed Steel Doors

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