Commercial Roll Up Fire Shutters

Commercial Roll Up Fire Shutters

Roll up Fire Doors and Fire Shutters

For openings that are too small for a rolling steel fire door a commercial fire shutter is the easy solution. Fire shutters are a great product for when the heavy-duty construction of a rolling steel fire door is not required; each product is manufactured and operates to prevent the spread of fire from one area to another.

Commercial Fire shutters for can be mounted to either side of the wall; providing all manufactures specifications and fire code guidelines are followed.  Fire shutters supplied by Candoor Overhead Doors are customizable to almost any opening size, there are varies colour options and are available in manual operation and motorized operation; commercial fire shutters can be activated with a mechanical fusible link or connection to fire alarm system.

Manufactures requirements to install a fire shutter are:

  • Steel or masonry jamb construction
  • Fire shutters can be fastened to wood or steel stud but require 2 layers of 5/8'' drywall over the stud for a fire barrier
  • All fire shutters must have a non- combustible surface to close onto
  • A"runway” must be created to install the fusible link on either side of the wall

For more information about commercial fire shutters, call us at 1 (866)-341-3253 or contact us online.

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