Cooler Aire Curtain™

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Cooler Aire Curtain

The two-speed Cooler Aire Curtain™ is used to reduce moisture buildup on doors and floors in a cold storage environment.

When used with a hard panel door, the Cooler Aire Curtain™ may be supplied with a timer to keep the air curtain running for a set period of time after the door closes.

When used with a high speed fabric door, the Cooler Aire Curtain™ may be supplied with an Aire Controller™ to cycle the operation of the air curtain on and off during times when the door is not in use to keep the door panel dry.

  • 304 stainless steel case
  • ¾ hp dual speed motor(s)
  • High-efficiency discharge plenum
  • Depending on application, may be supplied with an Aire Controller™ to provide strategically timed protection
  • Fully assembled and factory tested
  • ETL listed
  • Made in the USA

Cooler Aire Curtain™, Air Curtain Doors Mississauga, Toronto GTACooler Aire Curtain

  • Mounting recommended on warmer side of door
  • Aire Controller™ (if supplied) functions as High/Off/Low Speed Switch and Fan Timer
  • Cooler Aire Curtain™ Data Table

Recommended Control & Activation Options

  • Magnetic Door Switch or Dry Contacts to Activate by Others
  • Unit Mounted Disconnect

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