High Cycle Bug Barrier Automatic Doors

High Cycle Bug Barrier Automatic Doors

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Breakaway Feature

Fiberglass wind bars remain flexible enough to pop out in case of accidental impact. Optional aluminum hinges are available with bottom profile breakaway system for additional wind load. Breakaway feature is used in the bottom profile bar to help prevent damage to the door by accidental impact. Aluminum bottom profile with cushioned edge and a bottom draft seal for positive door contact.


Watertight motor, Splash proof cover, 460 volt- 3 phase motor, Safety edge, Radio controls, Pull cords, motion detector

Maximum 16' wide x 16' high


  • Exclusive Jackshaft Operator: 22" per second operating speed~ 100+ cycles per day, 1/2hp, 120 volt, 1 phase, 8 amps. Supplied with open, close, stop push button station, automatic timer to close, and a set of photo eyes. Other motor options are available.
  • Mounting Options: Face of Wall Mount, Stand off Bracket Mount, and E-Track Mount.
  • Head Room: 18" will be required for headroom.
  • Tracks: 2" wide and 2" deep Snaptite aluminum tracks. Wall mount will take up to 6" of side room on each side. Doors 11' wide and over will require 4" deep Snaptite tracks. Optional 6" deep track for additional wind load.
  • Weatherstripping: Grey vinyl weatherstripping is angled to provide a tighter seal preventing bugs and insects easy access or entry.
  • Reset System: Interlocking brush seal is incorporated at the top of the Snaptite tracks causing a reset system. Should the door be forced out of the tracks by accidental impact, the door is designed to reset back into the guides.
  • Screen: Standard green colour ~ other colours available. 17 x 11 high strength, vinyl-coated polyester weave screen material. Wind bars are reinforced in yellow safety vinyl.

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