High Cycle Rubber Door

High Cycle Rubber Door, Model HDC

Model HDC

Examples of Applications

Manufacturing, mining, food processing, automotive, bus transit stations, parking garages, postal, airports, and railways.

Door Information

  • High cycle springless operation with Variable Frequency Drive
  • Suitable for applications up to 25 feet wide and 20 feet high
  • Self-supporting steel mounting angle
  • Knock-away double angle steel bottom bar with rubber loop and reversing edge
  • Thru-beam photoelectric sensor
  • Heavy-duty gear head Direct Drive Operator (no sprockets or chains required)
  • Multi-function capacity PLC with inverter drive for soft start soft stop operation
  • Door speeds of up to 48” per second to open; up to 30” per second to close (depending on door size)

Door Sizes

High Cycle Rubber Door, Model HDC

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