Hydraulic Truck Restraint

Hydraulic Truck Restraint, Commercial and Industrial Doors

The Metro Dock Hydraulic Restraint is designed with an arm that renders the trailer immobile by securing itself to the truck’s ICC bar. The single-button control panel, in conjunction with the exterior traffic lights, ensures proper communication between the leveler operator and the driver by indicating the status of the restraint.

Standard Features:

  • 30,000 lbs. restraining strength
  • Interconnected to existing Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • NEMA 12 control panel with single-button control ensures restraint is engaged prior to dock leveler begin cycle
  • Manual release valve in case of power failure
  • Communication Package: Interior/exterior red/green LED lights; Interior/exterior mirrored image warning signs; Interior control panel with red/green/amber lights
  • Zinc plated
>Zinc plated

Hydraulic Truck Restraint Outside, Commercial and Industrial Doors

Hydraulic Truck Restraint Panel, Commercial and Industrial Doors


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