Dock Seal Series D100

Dock Seal Series D100

Fixed Head Pad Dock Seal

Generally designed to suit 8’ wide x 8’ high openings, the Series D100 is recommended when the tightest possible seal is requires and full access to the rear of the truck is not required. Two foam side pads and one foam head pad wrap around the door opening, sealing the gap between the building wall and the truck. With one of the largest selections and colours of fabrics available, LDC can offer the ideal solution for your unique loading dock requirements.


  • SAVE hundreds of dollars in reduced energy costs
  • IMPROVE working conditions by keeping dust, dirt, debris & insects out
  • PROTECT product & personnel from harsh weather conditions
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by providing a safe & comfortable working environment
  • DURABLE range of Hi-Performance fabrics to choose from
  • CUSTOM sizes available

LDC offers a wide variety of custom Head Pads to satisfy your Dock Requirements

LDC Curtain

Higher Head Pads can be used to suit a variety of trailer heights (available in 18˝ or 24˝).

Drop Curtain

Drop Curtains can be ordered for installation below the head pad to cover lower trucks.

PVC Drop Curtain

PVC Drop Curtains are an excellent way to create a better seal for lower trucks made from low temp PVC.

Beveled Pads

Beveled Pads—when trucks to be serviced are below the top of the dock door, the head pad can be beveled to keep the wood framing out of the doorway and minimize obstructions.

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