MobiFlex Folding Closures

MobiFlex Folding Closures

MobiFlex Folding Security Closures of Superior Design

Folding Closures Standard Models



Visibly Elegant Protection

This high performance tempered glass model offers excellent visibility and exceptional protection. Perfect for banks and stores, or any other location requiring both maximum visibility and secure closing.

AEROFLEX (Perforated Steel)


The Transparency of Glass... and Much More.

Breathe easy with AEROFLEX micro-perforated steel panels. This model combines the transparency of glass with the strength of steel for good-looking protection.


SYSTEM S-126 (Open style)

Tough but Discrete.

You'll soon forget it's even there. This lightweight, discrete folding grille matches any decor. Like all open style Mobilflex models, the 126 is perfect for protecting windows.

The MobiFlex Guarantee of Quality

  • The most compact folding closures on the market
  • Tough, maintenance-free aluminum construction
  • Easy to use
  • The largest selection of models
  • Perfect for any environment

The MobiFlex Commitment to service

  • On-time delivery
  • Efficient after-sales service
  • Professional and resourceful consultants
  • R;D department for ongoing product improvement
  • Cost-effective, custom-designed solutions.

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