UV-C Light System For Air Purification


UV-C Light System For Air Purification

Unheated Air Curtains

UV-C Light System For Air Purification

The UVC-Aire offers a variable speed air curtain in a stainless-steel case. ¾ HP motors run continuously on low speed to provide a constant stream of purified air. Low-speed operation of the unit has been proven to inactivate/kill up to 99% of Coronavirus pathogens passing through the air curtain. The UVC-Aire is ideal for healthcare, retail, gyms, restaurants and other facilities looking to provide an added layer of protection against airborne germs.

At a Glance

UVC Light Wavelength 253.7nm
COVID-19 Kill Rate 99.01 to 99.71% dependent on unit/speed
For Door Widths Between 36" and 168"

Key Design Features

  • Unit will ramp up to potentiometer-set speed when the door opens.
  • Adjustable speed, ¾ HP ECO Motors offer up to 72% energy savings over PSC motors.
  • Fully-assembled and available in full-foot increments from 36” up to 168” (emitters installed in the field).
  • Includes unit-mounted cleanable filter and disconnect switch for safe and secure maintenance and emitter replacement.
  • Environmental separation, temperature control, pest control and air purification.

UVC-Aire UV-C Light System For Air Purification

  1. Germs, viruses and bacteria are pulled into the air curtain
  2. Upon entering, the harmful pathogens are exposed to and inactivated by UV-C light
  3. The discharged air is significantly reduced of dangerous pathogens such as the Coronavirus

UVC-AirRetrofit Extension

Extension of the case for retrofit of previously installed air curtains.UVC-AirRetrofit Extension

  1. UVC-Aire – Powered Aire’s air sanitation system uses UV-C light to purify air--with up to a 99.9% effectiveness rate on the COVID-19 virus.
  2. Designed to retrofit on most existing unheated or electrically heated commercial or low-profile units
  3. Quick and easy installation – Bracket, filter, emitters and other supplied tools help to ensure near-instant germ killing capability.
  4. Plug-and-Play with 120 Volt Power Supply. Emitters will continuously operate independent of air curtain operation.
  5. Lighted UVC-Aire window at bottom of unit lets you know when air purification is taking place.


UVC Performance Sheet
UVC Electrical Sheet
UVC Installations Sheet
UVC Mechanical Sheet

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