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Candoor Introduces new UV-C Air Purifying Air curtain

At Candoor Overhead Doors, we understand that the world is changing and so are our work environments; in our efforts to adapt with our customers we are pleased to introduce a new line of air purifying air curtains. Manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical production, grocery stores and all essential services are relied on to supply our communities. In efforts to support these industries and business Candoor is happy to introduce our new UV-C Air Purification Air Curtain.

How It Works

The UV-C Air curtain kills 99% of coronavirus pathogens and germs. Air curtains are typically used to separate two environments on either side of an opening; it can be for climate control, pest control, reducing the flow of dust or a combination. The new line of air curtains we are introducing will still achieve these properties with the added benefit of air purification!

Step one: Germs, viruses and bacteria is pulled into the intake screen of the air curtain.

Step two: Upon passing through the screen, the harmful pathogens are exposed to the UV-C light and their molecular bonds are altered. Ultimately they cannot reproduce or colonize and are rendered harmless. And then the air is discharge through the air curtain blowers.

Step three: The discharged air is significantly reduces of dangerous pathogens such as COVID-19. The circulating air provides all of the normal benefits of an air curtain with the additional benefit of clean and disinfect air.

*Please note: this air purification air curtain runs continuously on a low speed to produce a constant stream of purified air. Low-speed operation of the unit kills harmful pathogens.*

Key Industries

  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctor’s office and vaccination sites)
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and process (i.e. vaccine processing and medical equipment)
  • Office spaces, gyms, retail locations and restaurants
  • Food processing plants and manufacturing
  • Cannabis growing facilities and cannabis processing
  • Clean rooms
  • High traffic pedestrian environments; like grocery stores and care dealerships
  • Any facilities looking to provide an added layer of protection and sanitation against airborne germs and pathogens


The UV-C Air Purifying Air Curtain is constructed with a stainless steel case and ¾ HP motors; equipped with a UVC light wavelength of 253.7nm. Air curtains are available for opening widths of 36″-168″ and adjustable speeds with 72% energy saving properties. All air curtains include a removable filter that is cleanable and can be re-used. Each air curtains can be used for environmental separation, temperature control, pest control and air purification.

Call us at 1-866-341-3253 or contact us online for more information about our air purifying air curtain.