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Find the Best Residential Garage Door Opener for Your Home
At Candoor Overhead Doors we supply and install the greatest garage door openers on the markets! We are proud to be a liftmaster garage door opener authorized dealer, this allows us to supply our customers, not only with the best garage door openers on the market but with industry leading technology in each residential garage door opener we sell.

Liftmaster garage door openers are only sold through authorized garage door dealers, like Candoor. They are manufactured by the Chamberlain Group who sell chamberlain branded garage door openers through retail channels like lowes, home depot, rona etc. The main difference between LiftMaster garage door openers and Chamberlain garage door openers is that the LiftMaster openers come with a one-piece rail system that connects the electric opener with your garage door. This one piece rail system does not only increase safety but makes for a stronger and more durable installation and operation.

Key Features To Candoor Installed Garage Door Openers:

  • Residential garage door openers installed by Candoor are LiftMaster Branded
  • All LiftMaster electric openers include WIFI capabilities for phone app control
  • Each opener includes photo eye safety sensors and interior control station (additional accessories can be added)
  • Trolley style garage door opener are all belt driven systems, eliminating the old chain style openers; belt driven garage door openers decrease the amount of operating noise and are virtually maintenance free
  • Side mounted or Wall mounted garage door openers; Candoor offers premium LiftMaster wall mounted garage door openers to eliminate the need for a trolley rail. These openers are installed on the side of the garage door opposed to using the rail system down the middle. These are great for space saving measures, garages with car hoists or storage shelves or just a clean finished look

Request a quote for a new garage door or call us at 1-866-341-3253 to service or repair your garage door openers.

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