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Everywhere we turn there is another theft or break-in. Whether it be a shattered window on a place of business, or a vehicle stolen from someone’s driveway robberies are becoming more and more common in our troubled economy. In many instances, business owners have no choice but to leave their properties unattended after business hours leaving the risk of their business being broken into, but Candoor has a solution! We provide high-quality security shutters for shops, exterior roller shutters for doors, security blinds for windows, and security shutters for storefronts.

All our roll-down security shutters are made with aluminum to provide strong and rust-free construction for the Canadian climate. And with color options to compliment your building’s façade.

Motorized roller shutters or manual roll-up shutters can also be selected for ease of operation. But the best part is that every roll-up shutter is made specifically for you! They are Canadian made and made to order so nothing is mass-produced; you have the benefit of supporting the Canadian economy as well as something 100% custom to fit your specific needs.

Our roll-up security doors also have the option to be mounted on the exterior or interior of the building. They can be used for window security shutters and/or be used for security purposes on entrance doors and overhead garage doors; Candoor has also provided solutions for full storefront roll-down security gates for entire storefront coverage!

We offer free on-site consultations and no-obligation quotes, so contact us today for your next commercial roll-down security shutter project.

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for more information about our security shutter for a shop, security blinds for windows and doors, roll-down storefront security shutters, roll-up garage doors, and more! We guarantee we will have the right door for you!

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