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In the hustle and bustle of the city, a non-working garage door can wreak havoc on traffic. Your residents and clients expect to quickly and easily gain access to their high rise office buildings, their condominium residence and downtown parking garages. Inevitably, when something breaks, it does at the most inconvenient times. Waiting to get in or out causes much frustration and leaves you scrambling for a fast fix to keep everyone happy. It is easy to pick the first name you see on the Internet to come and service your facility. However, that can lead to more trouble down the road.

For quality service and garage door repairs, contact Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd. We look for the best solutions for you and your facility. Additionally, we service the Greater Toronto Area with a team of dedicated professionals who have the knowledge and experience it takes to get your door up and running quickly.

4 Reasons to Choose Quality over the Lowest Bid

Leave no room for chance and rest assured that quality work trumps low-ball bids any day. You deserve to work with a team that wants to create a long-lasting relationship with you. Here are four reasons and benefits to focus on working with a dependable commercial garage door repair company:

  • They have the knowledge and experience for even the toughest situations. When a company has been in business for decades, they have seen it all. They understand how overhead door systems operate and how to produce excellent work while staying competitive, even when it is a tough job.
  • They understand the importance of fast response times. Non-working doors cause frustration and delays. Waiting on overhead garage door repairs can aggravate a situation for your high-rise building or downtown parking garage. A trustworthy team will head to your location quickly, fix the problem, and leave. No long waits are required.
  • They have a well-informed customer service team. Talking with someone knowledgeable goes a long way in bringing you comfort and confidence. It is something you should expect when dealing with such an essential part of your facility.
  • They provide an established preventative maintenance program. It is one thing to need emergency help. It is quite another to be proactive with regular maintenance to get the most out of your door systems. A reliable company knows this and gives you the opportunity to extend the life of your equipment.

Depend on Garage Door Repairs from Candoor Overhead Doors

Choosing the lowest bid can result in low-quality work, which may translate into additional service calls. So why waste your time and money?  Get the best when you hire the team at Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd. From the first phone call through the finished work, you can depend on us to get the job done correctly the first time. Enjoy maximum efficiency and safe operations when you put your doors in our hands.

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for more information about obtaining reliable installation, maintenance, and service for rolling or sectional overhead doors for your location. We supply quality doors for warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, parking garages, and more.