Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Stop Working in Winter
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The Canadian winters can be treacherous, and these extreme conditions can often create malfunctions with your residential garage door or commercial garage door. But don’t be alarmed! Most of these issues are minor and don’t require a major repair.

Common issues we see with garage doors during the winter months are:

  • Door won’t open or close
  • Broken garage door spring
  • Damaged garage door panels
  • Broken cables, hinges and/ or rollers
  • Imbalance garage door
  • Garage door is hard / resistant to open or close

Here are some of the common reasons to why these issues occur:

  • Metal contracts: Many components of residential garage doors or commercial overhead doors are made from metal and its contraction in the cold weather can create minor issues and need for repairs.
  • Garage door is frozen to the ground due to snow, rain and/or fluctuations in temperature; not allowing the garage door to open
  • Too much grease or wrong lubrication products used; grease can freeze if too much is used
  • Snow or ice build up on photo eye safety sensors; causing door to stay opened
  • Frozen or hardened weather seal; making the door resistant to open or close
  • Ice and Snow build up against the garage doors

If the cold winter wreaks havoc on your residential garage door or commercial garage doors, call the professionals at Candoor for a garage door repair for broken cables, broken spring, garage door weather seal replacement or more! If a major repair is needed and justifies a new garage door the team at Candoor can help you with any new garage door installation as well!

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