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When you install High-Speed door, Air Curtains or Dock Door Seals

As a business owner, you want to find new ways to save money so you can reinvest it into your business. Needless to say, 2020 has been a challenging year in more ways than one could imagine. As you plan for a robust and resilient financial future for your business, one area to investigate is heating and cooling, i.e. energy costs. While it’s common to think about air leaks from pedestrian doors, windows, roofing insulation, and so on, not many will think about the air transfer within your overhead loading door area. For example, if you have a warehouse that sees quite a bit of traffic from semi-trucks, you know that you lose heat every time a door rises. Unsealed doors allow constant airflow that increases your energy use and your utility bills. There is no reason to lose energy when you can install overhead door equipment to save money and maybe make some money back through Candoor Overhead Doors partnership with Enbridge.

Get your facility to a higher standard of energy efficiency when you choose to install high-speed doors, add air curtains or install new dock seal / dock shelters. The professionals at Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd have extensive experience assisting businesses across the GTA (Greater Toronto area) and its surrounding regions with options to mitigate lost energy.

3 Benefits of Shoring Up Air Leaks

An energy rebate may be the best incentive for investing in your overhead head garage doors. That’s not the only reason you may want to shore up the air leaks. Here are three benefits to consider:

  • Save Energy When Heating or Cooling Your Facility: The frigid temperatures in Canadian winters make us all want to bump up the thermostat. That will not help if you are continually losing heat because of leaks. Using dock door seals to seal up your overhead doors helps stop your warm air from escaping and winter’s cold air from sneaking in when loading and unloading trucks at your dock doors.
  • Increase Your Employee’s Comfort and Safety: If your team is not happy, no one is happy. Your employees deserve to have a comfortable place in which to conduct their duties. Stopping the transfer of cold temperatures, by installing air curtains, will give your employees a comfortable and safe environment to work. The result is a happier workforce that continues to serve your customers.
  • Reduce air exchange: By installing high speed rolling doors you will reduce the amount of air exchange through the opening by the rapidly increased open/closing speed of a high-speed roll up door. Reducing the amount of air exchange will lower the amount of heat loss and increase energy efficiency.

Utilize Candoor Overhead Doors to Obtain Your Enbridge Energy Rebate Savings

Stop the drafts and save energy when you invest in your doors and apply for an Enbridge Energy rebate. All rebates are calculated and reimbursed through Enbridge representatives; through their calculates you can be eligible for cash back on new installation or replacement of dock seal and shelter, air curtains and barriers, and high speed rolling door installations. The professionals at Candoor Overhead Doors can help by performing a free, no obligation, site inspection to verify what equipment would be best for your facility and complete the full installation process; we help many industries keep their energy costs down and do their part for the environment.

Contact us today to install dock door seals or shelters, new air curtains and air barriers or high-speed doors. We have the experience to get in and get the job done quickly, so you lose little time, save big bucks, and have a happier workforce.

Call us at 866-341-3253 or contact-us for more information about obtaining reliable installation, maintenance, and service for you overhead doors and facility equipment. We supply quality doors for warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage facilities, parking garages, auto dealerships and more!