Tips to Get Your Garage Door Winter Ready
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With winter soon approaching, now is the perfect time to run through your garage to-do lists. One top priority on that to-do list should be getting your garage door ready for winter. 

Your garage door can be working perfectly but cold weather can quickly take its effect causing malfunctions, breakdowns and repairs. 

To help get your garage door ready for winter, check out the following tips.

Inspection of Door and Track

The first step should be a visual inspection of the garage doors system, panels, track, springs and hardware. Take a look around the door system and look for anything unusual or that looks out of place. If you find something that is damaged and you don’t feel comfortable fixing it, call a garage door professional.

Make sure all the garage door panels are solid and they don’t have any holes or gaps between the meeting of two sections. Visually inspect your cables to make sure there are no frays. Take a look at your torsion springs (above the door) to make sure they aren’t broken. And visually inspect all hinges and rollers to make sure they are intact with no cracks or damage.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Garage Doors have many moving parts so it is very important to keep things lubricated to increase the doors operation and longevity. *Please note: do not use grease when lubricating garage doors or windows- grease causes dirty to build up and effects the doors operation in a negative way*

Candoor recommends using KrownKL73 lubricant for doors but you can also go to home depot or amazon and type in “garage door lubricant” to get silicone, solvent free based products that are best for your garage door.

When lubricating the garage doors system make sure to lubricate each roller, torsion springs, end bearings and chain for operator (if applicable); you can also use a light amount of lube on the hinges but be aware too much will cause lubricant to drip on the floor.

Check Weather Stripping

Inspect and check your weather seal, this is one of your first lines of defenses when you winterize garage door. Make sure there are no rips, tears or missing pieces- any of these items can create air gaps compromising the insulation of your garage.

Test Safety Devices 

There are two main safety devices to check when inspecting this application of the garage door. First, check the photo eye safety sensors on the garage door opener, located on either side of the garage door, close to the ground by the tracks. Make sure each sensing eye is alignmed with the other, both lights are on and give them a light wiping to remove any dust or grime (when wiping make sure they are still aligned once you are done unless the garage door won’t close on its next close cycle).

Make sure your emergency release device works. Your garage door opener should have a red string and handle hanging from the unit or the trolley rail depending on the style of garage door opener you have. By pulling this handle you are putting the opener into manual operation. Make sure this is working in case the power fails during the winter.

Call a Professional 

Calling a professional will save you time and give you peace of mind that your winter garage door is thoroughly inspected and functioning properly. Not only will most companies go over the tips listed above but they can complete more detailed and technical practices to provide a more detailed maintenance inspection.

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