Why Choose Insulated Roll-Up Doors?
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Looking for a commercial garage door installation option? You can go with the Roll Up Doors. You can use them for various projects, whether it be for your residential garage door, commercial overhead garage door, outdoor space, or for security shutter applications.

At Candoor, we offer two main product lines of roll-up doors – rolling steel doors and roller shutter doors made from aluminum. Both rolling door options have the capability to be insulated, but the insulation value (R-value) differs between the type of door. Our rolling steel doors offer an insulation value of R 5-7, and our aluminum roll-up doors carry an R-value of approx. 2-4. Here are the reasons why you may want to choose an insulated roll-up door for your next project.

Improved Climate Control: By installing an insulated rolling door, you will maintain interior temperatures and reduce temperature transfer from exterior environments.

Lower Energy Cost and Green Solution: Insulated roll up garage doors allow you to reduce utility costs by providing a thermal seal to exterior environments. These are also an environmentally friendly door solution as these lower your energy consumption.

Extra-Strength: Adding a layer of insulation between the door slats creates rigidity and strength, resulting in a stronger and more durable door.

Noise Reduction: Insulation can also help act as a sound barrier. Using polystyrene or polyurethane-injected insulation provides soundproofing properties.

Space-Saving Garage Door Option: Roll-up doors offer space-saving garage door solutions by not requiring any horizontal track like a panel garage door. The slatted design of roll-up doors allows the door to coil up above the opening allowing for more space above and beyond the garage door.

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