Why Roll Shutters Are The New Ground Floor Security Systems
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Roll shutters can give your home or business a level of window security like no other. As a product that is gaining popularity in Canada, and relatively new to the Canadian market they can offer increased security, privacy and efficiency like never seen before. They are versatile roll up door systems that can be used to cover windows, entry and patio doors, shipping overhead doors, garage doors, storefront windows and much more!

Fabricated using aluminum slats, guides and upper assemblies they act as deterrents from potential intruders. Their aluminum construction offers a cutting edge obstacle to possible trespassers by being difficult to break into by kicking, punching, prying or using tools to cut through the slatted door system. 

Our company has personally tested the security level of our security shutter doors by kicking, hammering, prying with crowbars and using a grinding cutting disk to test the strength of our doors. Hitting, hammering or prying did not allow entry; using a electric grinder cutting discs eventually allowed entry after an extended period of time (over 30 minutes) but in that time the process of a potential inflator trying to gain entry creates a massive amount of noise which would attract attention to the area in any neighborhood or business area. We are confident that any intruder that sees our roll down security shutters would move along from your location due to the unnecessary hassle, extended entry time and noise it would attract by trying to break through one of the roller shutters.

Roll shutters also act as a great visual deternet. By installing security roller shutters on windows, doorways, garage doors etc you are stopping people’s ability to see within your space. Eliminating the temptation of possible break ins. 

An added bonus is that rolling shutter doors and window roller shutters look great! They are slick with a modern design and come in various colour options. They have small, compact coiling assemblies that the slats roll up into allowing them to be used in compact areas to large openings. They are available in motorized or manual options and are 100% customizable to your opening size; there are no “standard” sizes so they are manufactured for your specific project and opening size.

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