Why You Should Get an Annual Drop Test for Your Fire Doors
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As the old adage goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. This is especially true for equipment that can cause severe injury or death if it fails to operate correctly. An airline pilot has a series of steps he or she must perform before they take off with a plane full of people. If a fire door fails to drop when activated by heat or fire alarm activation, many people risk injury or death from smoke inhalation or the flames.

Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your rolling steel fire doors work when you need them the most. Enjoy peace of mind working with an experienced partner to install and maintain your doors, by choosing Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd. Our team is highly-trained and experienced in installations, repair work, service and maintenance of commercial and residential overhead garage doors. We help keep you safe.

Choose Rolling Fire Doors for Your Commercial or Industrial Building

Ensure your fire-resistant doors work when they need to as passive fire protection by having them inspected annually. Here’s what the inspection involves:

  • Visual Inspection. First, the doors will be checked for any visible damage, or missing or broken parts. The labels will also be examined to see if they are still legible. Additionally, there must not be any conditions that would affect the optimal operation of the fire door. Once the visual inspection is complete, next, it is time to test how it operates.
  • Operation: The door is no help to the building’s inhabitants if it does not function properly when required. This part of the inspection includes opening and shutting the door under standard operating procedures, such as either electrical or manual. The technician will look for improper balance and other conditions that prevent regular operation.
  • Drop Test/Reset: Fire doors are designed to close automatically during an emergency. To confirm this will happen, a drop test is performed. Conducted as instructed by the manufacturer, it should be done by all means of activation. Additionally, this test should be administered a minimum of two times to ensure the door is functioning properly after a complete reset.

Failure to pass the annual testing means you need to have all issues addressed and resolved immediately. It is vital to remember that any replacement parts must be from the manufacturer of your door. That way, the door continues to operate correctly, ready to fulfill its function during an emergency.

Avoid Catastrophe with Annual Drop Tests for Your Fire Doors

Reduce loss of property and prevent loss of life with annual drop tests of all fire doors and fire shutters. The experts at Candoor Overhead Doors work with you to ensure your overhead rolling steel fire doors function correctly. Our technicians understand the inner workings of these vital pieces of equipment. We show up on time, with the right tools, and provide excellent service that you can depend on. Since 1988, we have served the Greater Toronto Area with outstanding commercial door installations, garage door repairs, and overhead door preventative maintenance. As a reliable industry leader that has completed over 500 rolling steel fire door and fire shutter installation in the last 5 year, you can safely place your trust in us, knowing that we stand by the quality of our products and service.

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