Pool House Ideas Using Roll Up Shutters & Retractable Outdoor Screens
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It’s never too early to start your next project!! So why not start planning your summer construction projects now?

If you are planning to build a pool house or pool cabana this year consider using bartop counter shutters and motorized retractable screens to bring your creation to the next level. Over the years Candoor has installed hundreds of cabana shutters and motorized outdoor screens to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of people’s pool houses.

Check out some unique ways you can use our roll shutters and roll-up screens at your property:

  • Bar top Counter Shutter

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Counter Shutters are great for bar top applications and pass thru windows. They offer a secure and easy-to-operate solution to open and close; with lockability and a nice finished aesthetic. When you aren’t occupying the area, you can close the roller shutter down for the safekeeping of your valuables.

  • Large Openings Roll Down Shutters

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Roll-up shutters are also great to close off large openings in exterior walls. They allow you the flexibility to have a non-obstructed view and a natural breezeway through the structure. You can also close the roller shutter down in times of bad weather to protect you from the exterior elements.

  • Enhance Security for Winter Storage

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One of the biggest advantages of installing cabana shutters on your pool house is the ability to have a secure structure in the winter months. A lot of our customers call Candoor for the specific reason to install roll-up shutters, so they have a secure storage area for their outdoor furniture, equipment, and décor during the winter. All our shutter doors used on pool houses are aluminum for a rust-free door that stands up against the Canadian climate.

  • Bug Screens, UV and Shade Screens, and Three Season Rooms

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One of Candoor’s newest product lines is our motorized outdoor retractable screens. Our screens can be added to any pool house, gazebo, outdoor patio, or cabana to increase the outdoor season for you and your family and keep away the pesky bugs! By installing a roll-down screen, you turn your pool house into a three-season room for longer seasonal enjoyment and functionality. Not only do our screens protect you from bugs but they can also be used as UV protection screens to keep harsh elements of the sun away from your friends and loved ones.

  • Outdoor Privacy Screens

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Our retractable screens can also act as privacy screens. These can be used on your gazebo, deck, patio, or pool house where you want to keep activities private from your neighbors.

Call us at 1 (866) 341-3253 or contact us online for any of your cabana shutters, motorized retractable screens, roll-up doors for your pool house, or window security shutters you’re your cottage. We have a highly skilled team to assist you through any project.

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