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Our Preventative Maintenance Safety Program

Equipment that endures moving parts requires proper maintenance and service. With constant use, equipment is likely to show signs of wear and be subject to breakdowns. Regular inspections and early detection of operational malfunctions have helped our clients save thousands of dollars in emergency service repairs, possible accidents, and facility downtime. With Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd., preventative maintenance safety program we can protect your investment and give you peace of mind through increased facility safety with regular maintenance inspections by our industry trained professionals.

Advantages of Signing Up for Our Preventative Maintenance Safety Program:

  • A full-service maintenance program that includes a multi-point inspection, all applicable adjustments, and lubrication of equipment
  • A detailed record of findings and actions taken during the inspection for a quick response when a situation occurs
  • Advance notification of problems and repairs to minimize shutdown and periods of downtimes
  • At the customer’s approval, onsite repairs can be made to avoid the need to re-visit at no additional labour cost
  • Timely attention which helps prevents small issues from turning into expensive repairs or early replacement
  • Money savings on account of fewer or no emergency calls and preventable incidents
  • Reduced equipment malfunctions which promote a safer and more productive work environment
  • Lower heating and cooling costs with overhead doors that open and close smoothly, each time
  • Longer service life for overhead doors, loading dock and facility equipment
  • Prompt service by qualified and skilled technicians who work with minimal disruption to your daily activities
  • Increase safety within each facility and for its workers by ensuring all equipment operates correctly

At Candoor Overhead Doors Ltd., safety and increasing reliability for our customers is our #1 priority. Each one of our new and existing customers have access to our preventative maintenance safety program to ensure your facility operates with maximum efficiency and safety. Whether it be monthly, quarterly or yearly inspections each preventative maintenance agreement is customized to each customer’s needs, budget and timelines.

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