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High quality garage doors will last for decades, however, overtime most homeowners start to experience repairs with their garage doors allocated to daily wear and tear or damages. In these times it is best to weigh your options to determine if repairing the garage door or if having a new garage door installation would be best. These are some things to think about to make your decision easier.

Overall age of the Garage Door System

When deciding whether to repair an existing door or replace it with a new garage door, one of the most important factors is to look at the overall age of the garage door and garage door opener. If the whole system is very old there is a good chance additional repairs will be required in the future and to save long term repair cost it can be more efficient to have a new garage door installed. But if you garage door is relatively new and only needs a minor repair, in these cases repairing the current garage door system is the more efficient option.

Rotten Wood 

If the existing garage door is made of wood there is a good chance the garage door panels are no longer available. Old style, wood garage doors, are being phased out with more efficient steel garage doors that are resistant to wood rot, warping, water absorption and insects. 

Ongoing Repair costs

If your garage door is causing you extensive and frequent repair bills that is usually a tell tale sign that it is time for a new garage door to be installed. Garage doors are a large piece of equipment within the home and have many moving parts; over time parts wear, break and need to be replaced. As repair bills start to increase it can be a more efficient choice to have a garage door replaced for financial reasons, safety and peace of mind.

Increase Energy Efficiency 

Over the last few years, garages have been revolutionized to livable spaces- whether it be a home office, gym, luxury car storage or more. When using a garage more often, especially if it is heated, it is a good idea to make sure your garage door is insulated as well. Therefore, if you want to increase the insulation value of your garage door it would be better suited to upgrade to a steel insulated garage door for the highest R Value and energy efficiency. 

Curb appeal 

Sometimes garage doors are neglected for home upgrades. Many people don’t think of them until they break and need repair. During a time of a required garage door repair it is a good opportunity to weigh the possibility of changing your garage door if you want to increase your home’s curb appeal and/ or change the style of your garage door. Instead of paying for a repair bill when you want to change your garage door to something new.

Garage Door Use 

The frequency that your garage door is used is a massive factor on whether you should repair or replace a garage door. If your garage door experiences little usage we advise people to repair a door when broken. But if it is a high use area of your home, replacing the garage door can be a wise option to avoid ongoing repair due to ongoing wear and tear on the garage door system. 

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